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Welcome to E-Tech Recovery!

Quickbooks Data Recovery

Quickbooks Data Recovery

"Quickbooks Data Recovery and File Repair Service for Damaged Quickbooks (QBW & QBB) Data Files" .
Use our Quickbooks Recovery service to repair corrupted or damaged Quickbooks data files. Our award-winning repair services repairs files in the same version of Quickbooks that you use. Unlike Intuit, you will not need to upgrade your version of Quickbooks to the latest version to have your file repaired. We also offer 100% accurate industry-standard Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier data conversions. We support all versions of Quickbooks (Sybase and C-Index data files) including Enterprise, Pro, Premier versions 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and 99 (US, UK, Canadian, German or Australian Versions). We can also replay data from a Quickbooks Log file (.TLG file) into an older backup of Quickbooks (QBW or QBB). Find out why most data recovery vendors use our file repair services -- cut out the middleman and go straight to the source!

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BKFRecovery 2.0

Recovers files from corrupted or damaged backup BKF (NTBackup) files.
BKFRecovery is a recovery software to restore damaged or corrupt BKF files. BKF files are backup files created by Veritas Backup Exec or NTBackup (or XPBackup).

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MDBRecovery 4.0 (New!)

Removes security settings from secured Access MDB files.
'Remove Access Security 4.0' is the ultimate tool concerning security for Access databases. 'Remove Access Security' can remove user-level security from encrypted as well as non-encrypted Access database (.MDB) files. This software is simple to use, and can be a real life-saver in a variety of situations, including corrupted passwords, corrupted workgroup files, forgotten passwords etc. This software works with encrypted as well as non-encrypted databases.

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Damaged/Password Protected File Recovery

Damaged or Password-protected File Repair/Recovery

100% Guaranteed File Recovery with the lowest prices on the web. Prices start at $19.95

E-Tech is the leading password-protected and damaged file recovery service provider in Canada. We recover files of most standard formats and offer a quick turnaround time at no extra cost. With a free evaluation and  no advance fees -- you only pay if we can recover your file and you are satisfied. Our success rate is over 90%.  

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MDWRecovery 3.0

Recovers users and admin passwords from Microsoft Workgroup Security Databases (*.MDW & *.MDA)! Also Simply Accounting passwords can be recovered.

MDWRecovery can recover lost or forgotten passwords user-level passwords stored in the workgroup security information file (*.MDW). MDWRecovery can also recover passwords from Simply Accounting Security files (*.SDW).

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Remove Access Passwords

Remove Access Passwords 2.0

Reveal or remove passwords from Microsoft Access™ databases.

"Remove Access Passwords" removes Database File Passwords in an MDB file. This is what everybody is talking about, and can be used by System Administrators, hackers or ordinary users. So, if you have forgotten the password to an MS Access ‘95 / ‘97, 2000, 2002 or XP MDB File or the person who set the password is not available, you need not worry!

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Do you have a Corrupt Database or are unable to open a data file? We provide a recovery service that's guaranteed to repair your database. We have provided this service to big name companies like the US Army, American Express, AOL, AT&T, Air Canada etc. and you get the same guaranteed service. This includes telephone support if needed. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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We can recover damaged or corrupted data files and passwords from files of most formats. Please zip and FTP your file to us by clicking here.
You do not pay if we cannot recover your password or recover your damaged file.

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"Our client had a few access database that needed recovery since the workgroup file got corrupted. ETechRecovery's 'Remove Access Security' gave us access to all our databases without a problem. Also email support was great!" -- Van Rensberg, Icon Medialab

"Excellent software and support. I will not hesitate recommending E-Tech Recovery to all my clients" -- Gary Fischer, ACC